Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Slang and abbreviation part 9

List of acronyms begin with ‘G’:

G -- Grin

G2E -- Got To Eat

G2F -- Got To Fly

G2G -- Gotta go

G2H -- Go To Hell

G2R -- Got To Run

G4U -- Good For You

G8 -- Great

G9 -- Good Night

GA -- Go Ahead

GAFIA -- Get Away From It All

GAFM -- Get Away From Me

GAL -- Get A Life

GAMMD -- Go Ahead Make My Day

GBFN -- Goodbye for Now

GBH -- Grievous Bodily Harm

GBU -- God Bless You

GBY -- God Bless You

GE -- Good Evening

GF -- Girlfriend

GFAK -- Go Fly A Kite

GFC -- Global Financial Crisis

GFE -- Girl Friend Experience

GFETE -- Grinning From Ear To Ear

GFI -- Go For It

GFN -- Gone For Now

GFU -- Good For You

GFY -- Good For You

GGA -- Good Game All

GGN -- Gotta Go Now

GGOH -- Gotta Get Outta Here

GGW -- Girls Gone Wild

GIGO -- Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIMME -- Give me

GJ -- Good Job

GJOAC -- Go Jump Off A Cliff

GKY -- Go Kill Yourself

GL -- Good Luck

GLHF -- Good Luck, Have Fun

GLA -- Good Luck All

GLBT -- Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transsexual

GLF -- Group Looking For

GLHF -- Good luck, have fun

GLOTR -- Good Luck On The Rebuild

GLTA -- Good Luck to All

GLU -- Guys/Girls Like Us

GLWT -- Good Luck With That

GMAB -- Give Me A Break

GMH -- Gives Me Hope

GMTA -- Great Minds Think Alike

GMV -- Got My Vote

GN -- Good Night

GND -- Girl Next Door

GNO -- Girls/Guys Night Out

GOAT -- Greatest Of All Time

GOI -- Get Over It

GONNA -- Going to

GOOH -- Get Out Of Here

GOTTA --Got to ..., Have you got a …

GOTY -- Game Of The Year

GOU -- Good On You

GPRS -- General Packet Radio Services

GPS -- Global Positioning System

GR -- Gotta Run

GR&D -- Grinning, Running & Ducking

GR8 -- Great

GRATZ -- Congratulations

GRE -- Graduate Record Examination

GSM -- Global System for Mobile communications

GSOH -- Good Sense Of Humor

GTBOSH -- Glad To Be Of Some Help

GTG -- Got To Go

GTH -- Go To Hell

GTHO -- Get The Hell Out

GTK -- Good To Know

GTM -- Giggling To Myself

GTOG -- Got To Go

GTR -- Got To Run

GTS -- Good Times

GTW --Got To Work

GUD --Good

GW --Good Work

GWAAN -- Go on

GWS -- Get Well Soon

GYT -- Get Yourself Tested

GZ -- Congratulations

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