Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Formal names and short forms

Some formal names and their diminutive or short forms (informal names)

Andrew        -    Andy
Alan             -    Al
Alexander     -    Al  
Alexander     -    Alec
Alexander     -    Alex
Alexander     -    Sandy
Alfred          -      Al 
Alfred         -      Fred
Benjamin     -     Ben  
Benjamin     -     Benny
Caroline     -      Carol
Catherine    -    Cath
Catherine    -    Cathy
Christopher -   Chris
David         -     Dave
David        -      Davy
Daniel       -      Dan
Daniel       -      Danny
Diana        -      Di
Edward     -      Ed
Edward     -      Eddy
Elizabeth    -     Eliza
Elizabeth    -     Liz
Elizabeth    -    Beth
Frederick    -    Fred
Frederick    -    Freddy
Geoffrey    -    Geoff
Harold      -     Harry
James      -      Jim
James       -     Jimmy
Jennifer     -    Jenny
Jennifer     -    Jennie
Kenneth     -    Ken
Kenneth     -    Kenny
Michael      -    Mike
Michael      -    Mick
Michael      -    Mickey
Nicholas     -    Nick
Nicholas     -    Nicky
Pamela       -    Pam
Patricia      -     Pat
Patrick      -     Pat
Peter        -     Pete
Richard    -     Dick
Richard    -    Ricky
Robert      -     Bob
Robert     -      Bert
Samantha    -   Sam
Samuel      -    Sam
Susan      -       Sue
Susan      -      Susie
Terrence    -    Terry
Timothy    -    Tim
Victoria     -    Vicky
Victor       -    Vic
William    -     Bill

Difference between protect and prevent

Protect means to keep someone or something safe from bad things.
It means to take care of.
It means to guard from harm.

Prevent means to stop something from happening.
It also means to keep from happening or continuing.

You should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight. 
Wearing sunglasses can help prevent eye problems.

I want a sunscreen that protects me from getting darker.
I want to use sunscreen to prevent direct sunrays falling on me.  

It is very difficult to prevent earthquake from happening.
Take safety measures to protect you from earthquakes.


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