Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Correct usage of "I" and "me"

Difference between "I" and "me" 

"I" and "me" are pronouns.

We use "I" or "me" to refer to ourselves.

Use "I" when it is the subject of the verb.

Use "me" when it is the object of the verb or follow a preposition (before me, below me, above me, in front of me, with me, etc).

"I" is always written in capital letter whether it comes in the beginning of a sentence or not.

Ram and I are going to the market. (Correct)

Ram and me are going to the market (Incorrect)

Leela, Geetha and I are relatives (Correct)

Leela, Geetha and me are relatives. (Incorrect)

You and I are friends (Correct)

You and me are friends. (Incorrect)

I am going to see a film. (Correct)

Me is/am going to see a film. (Incorrect) 

The easiest way to understand is to remove the other noun / nouns from the sentence and see if it still makes sense.

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