Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Correct usage of good and well

“Good” and "well"

“Good” is an adjective.

“Well” is an adverb. Sometimes it is used as an adjective to mean "healthy".

“Good” is used to describe noun or pronoun.

“Well” is used to describe verb, adjective or other adverb.

Arumugham is a good volleyball player. (Correct)
Arumugham is a well volleyball player (incorrect)
Suresh plays the violin well. (Correct)
Suresh plays the violin good. (Incorrect)
Geetha speaks good English, but she doesn't speak French very well. (Correct)

Geetha speaks well English, but she doesn't speak French very good.  (Incorrect)

Samyukta did well on the examination. (Correct)
Samyukta did good on the examination. (Incorrect)

The music last week wasn't good. (Correct)
If the food tastes good, all will eat it. (Correct)

His idea sounds good. (Correct)

She is well.  (This refers to physical state, health) (Correct)

She is good (This refers to character or emotional state) (Correct)

The new suitcase looks good. (This refers to appearance) (Correct)

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