Sunday, May 2, 2010

Expressing shock, disbelief and something bad


  • I was shocked to hear…
  • The news came as a complete shock.
  • We're all in complete shock.
  • Everyone's reeling from the shock of…
  • It happened out of the blue.
  • Who could have predicted it?
  • I (just) can't get over …
  • We were completely taken aback by…
  • I was just stunned by…


  • I just can't believe…
  • It's unbelievable.
  • I just can't imagine…
  • Words can't describe… (How I feel about / the terrible devastation etc)
  • There's no way it could have happened.

Saying how bad something is:

  • It's so awful.
  • It's terrible.
  • What a terrible news.
  • It's a tragedy.
  • It's a catastrophe.
  • This is the worst thing that could have happened.

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