Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some words that confuse

  • Affect: make a difference to
    Effect: a result
  • Appraise: assess
    Apprise: inform

  • Censure: express strong disapproval of
    Censor: suppress unacceptable parts of
  • Complement: a thing that enhances something by contributing extra features
    Compliment: an expression of praise or politely congratulate
  • Council: an administrative or advisory body
    Counsel: advice or guidance
  • Councilor: a member of a council
    Counselor: someone who gives guidance on personal or psychological problems
  • Desert: a waterless area
    Dessert: the sweet course
  • Discreet: careful and not to attract attention or give offence
    Discrete: separate or distinct
  • Envelop: wrap up, cover or surround completely
    Envelope: a paper container used to enclose a letter or document
  • Loath: reluctant or unwilling
    Loathe: dislike greatly
  • Loose: unfasten or set free
    Lose: cease to have or become unable to find
  • Ordinance: an authoritative order
    Ordnance: guns, weapons or ammunition
  • Palate: the roof of the mouth
    Palette: an artist's board for mixing colours
  • People: group of men and women
    Pupil: student
  • Principal: first in order of importance or main
    Principle: chiefly a basis of a system of thought or belief

  • Stationary: not moving
    Stationery: writing materials
  • Story: tale or account
    Storey: a floor of a building

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