Monday, November 30, 2009

Slang and abbreviation part 2

0.0 Surprise

0/ Waving

143 I Love You

14344 I Love You Very Much

1437 I Love You Forever

153 I Adore You

1AAT One At A Time

2 To

2B To Be

2BH To Be Honest

2DAY Today

2G2BT Too Good To Be True

2K4U To Cool For You

2L8 Too late

2M Tomorrow

2MRW Tomorrow

2MI Too Much Information

2NITE Tonight

2NYT Tonight

2U To You

2U2 To You Too

3G Third Generation mobile phone network

4 For

4COL For Crying Out Loud

4E4 Forever

4GET Forget

4GM Forgive me

4M Forum

4RL? For Real?

4U For You

5N Fine

7DAW Seven Days A Week

10-4 Understood, OK

10Q Thank you

10X Thanks

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