Monday, November 30, 2009

Slang and abbreviation: Part 1

Followings are commonly used in communications like SMS, websites, etc.

:$ Embarrassed

:’( Crying

:) Happy

:-( Sad

:-) Smile

:-* Kiss

:/ Sarcasm

:3 Cute / goofy face

:9 Yum

:? Confused

:@ Angry

:C Very Sad

:D Happy

:L Laughing

:O Surprised

:S Confused

:X Zipped lips

;( Crying

;-) Wink

;D Wink

;P Winking and sticking tongue out

;O Joking

=.= Tired

=X No Comment

@_@ Hypnotized

^O^ Hurrah

^^ Happy

$_$ Has money

%) giddy

>.> Suspicious


>3 Evil but happy

>:( Angry

>:) Evil Grin

>:O Angry

<> Not equal

*_* In love, dazed

-.- Annoyance

-_- Annoyed, tired

:B Buck teeth

:P Sticking tongue out

(8) Musical note (MSN)

(A) Angel (MSN)

(H) Cool dude emoticon (MSN)

(K) Kiss (MSN)

(L) Love heart (MSN)

(N) Thumbs down (MSN)

(Y) Thumbs up (MSN)

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