Monday, January 24, 2011

An old rhyme on "The Parts of Speech"

Every name is called a noun,
As field and fountain, street and town.

In place of noun the pronoun stands,
As he and she can clap their hands.

The adjective describes a thing,
As magic wand and bridal ring.

The verb means action, something done --
To read, to write, to jump, to run.

How things are done, the adverbs tell,
As quickly, slowly, badly, well.

The preposition shows relation,
As in the street, or at the station.

Conjunctions join, in many ways,
Sentences, words, or phrase and phrase.

The interjection cries out, "Hark!
I need an exclamation mark!"

Through poetry, we learn how each
Of these make up the Parts of Speech.

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