Monday, January 25, 2010


Syllabification is the separation of a word into syllables, whether spoken or written.

A syllable is a unit of pronunciation usually longer than a sound and shorter than a word.
Words with one syllable are called monosyllabic.

  • run
  • had
  • kids
  • cry
  • tell
  • thought

The disyllabic words have two syllables each.

  • mu-cus
  • ma-dam
  • Ve-lan
  • pain-ful
  • vi-gour

The tri-syllabic words have three syllables each.

  • stu-dy-ing
  • Ca-the-rine
  • vi-en-na
  • dis-tur-bing
  • syl-la-ble

The words with four syllables are called tetra syllabic.

  • con-ver-sa-tion
  • con-ge-ni-tal

Words with more than two syllables are called poly syllabic for the convenience of learning and teaching.

Syllabification helps us to remember the spelling of long words without much difficulty.

  • cul-ti-va-tion
  • ac-cep-ta-ble
  • ap-pli-ca-tion
  • un-sui-ta-ble
  • in-vi-ta-tion
  • im-pro-ba-ble
  • de-ter-mi-na-tion
  • un-der-pri-vi-leged
  • e-xa-mi-na-tion
  • mul-ti-pli-ca-tion

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