Thursday, August 6, 2009

Business communication in English

Difference between normal communication and business communication

  • Normal Communication: Can you tell me your address?
  • Business Communication: Can you help me with your address?
  • Normal Communication: He spoke to me in detail.
  • Business Communication: We had a meeting.
  • Normal Communication: Can you speak loudly?
  • Business Communication: I am not able to hear you.
  • Normal Communication: Sita has told that she will come at 10 pm.
  • Business Communication: Sita is scheduled to come at 10 pm.
  • Normal Communication: Five men had come to inquire about our product.
  • Business Communication: There are five potential customers.
  • Normal Communication: I like his advice.
  • Business Communication: I like his analysis.
  • Normal Communication: Speak to him and get our phone repaired.
  • Business Communication: Co-ordinate with him and get our phone working.
  • Normal Communication: In my letter to Mr. John.
  • Business Communication: In my written communication to Mr. John.


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