Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some foreign words and phrases

  • Ab initio: from the beginning.
  • Ad hoc: for the particular end or purpose at hand.
  • Au revoir: till we meet again.
  • Bon appetit: good appetite.
  • Bona fide: with good faith.
  • Corrigenda: things to be corrected.
  • Crème de la crème: the best of the best.
  • Curriculum vitae: course of life, resume.
  • De facto: in fact.
  • Dixi: I have said it.
  • Emeritus: honorably retired.
  • En masse: in a large body.
  • E pluribus unum: out of many, one.
  • Esprit de corps: team spirit.
  • Eureka: I have found it.
  • Faux pas: social blunder.
  • Glasnost: openness.
  • Guru: spiritual leader or teacher.
  • Habeas corpus: a writ to produce a prisoner before a court of law.
  • Haute cuisine: high-class cooking.
  • In camera: in secret.
  • In situ: in the original arrangement.
  • In toto: totally, as a whole.
  • Joie de vivre: joy of living.
  • Jus civile: the civil law.
  • Kitsch: sentimental bad taste.
  • Laus deo: praise to God.
  • Magnum opus: a great work of art or literature.
  • Modus operandi: method of working.
  • Non liquet: it is not clear.
  • Nota bene: note well.
  • Ora pro nobis: pray for us.
  • Pax in bello: peace in war.
  • Per centum: by the hundred.
  • Post meridiem: after midday.
  • Post mortem: after death.
  • Prima-facie: at first sight.
  • Quondam: former.
  • Resurgam: I shall rise again.
  • Sayonara: goodbye.
  • Status quo: existing order of things.
  • Terra firma: solid ground.
  • Ultra vires: beyond the powers.
  • Vis-à-vis: compared with.
  • Viva voce: orally.

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