Saturday, May 3, 2008

Teaching and learning English is the need of the hour

English is spoken in almost all parts of the globe. A person, whether educated much or not is expected to speak English fluently without any hesitation, for many purposes. It may be for good employment opportunity all over the world, for business, for higher education, scientific studies, research works etc. Call centers, BPOs etc generally need good English speaking as a skill.

Trained personnel are capable of speaking good English, and are able to shine in the world in various sectors of employment. To meet the growing requirement of English speaking man power for various employment opportunities, teaching and learning English is the need of the hour. English is also essential for mutual communication among people of different states having different languages as their mother tongues in countries like India .Mother tongue may have great literatures. We can translate them in other languages to help the mankind and to promulgate the richness of the mother language. For doing this one must be capable of expressing in other desired languages. Here comes the teaching and learning process. Learning is a continuous process and obviously teaching is required for learning. Let the teaching-learning process continue effectively to attain and maintain success.

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